Use the right strategy to get your Small Business or SME on the 1st page of Google!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Ranking well on Google searches is NOT as difficult as some will lead you to believe. You can easily make it in your niche without a huge marketing budget and we’ll show you how. Through intelligent design & development we can build you a comprehensive and long-term SEO strategy that will get you ahead. If you’re a small business, or a small to medium enterprise sized company, Weatherstone & Associates has the solutions to guarantee you the first page Google results you require to take your company to the next level.

Our process.

  • SEO Website Audit 20%
  • Keyword Reasearch 40%
  • Competitor profiles 60%
  • On-site Optimisation 80%
  • Off-site Optimisation 100%
Website Audit
This part of the process lets us take a look under the hood of your website so we can find out what needs fixing, or could be improved. We’ll analyse the way your website works – pages load times, links, navigation and more to determine why have your current Google page ranking. From this audit we can tell you exactly what’s going on and give our recommendations for improvement.
Keyword Reasearch
This is all about the words and phrases your target market is using to search for the products or services you offer. We look for search terms specific to your products and services and try match those with how potential customers are searching for them. All this information is then used to increase your websites reach, getting you on Googles front page and in the eyes of potential customers.
Competitor profiles
Our team of SEO Experts team will do detailed analysis of your competitor’s websites to show how they are outranking you. This information plays a critical role in how we go about getting you above them in the search results.
On-site Optimisation
Fundamental to your search engine page results is how the content of your website is structured. From effective tagging, how you place keywords on the page, link structures, load speeds and more, it all feeds into how Googles search engine spider with aggregate your website.
Off-site Optimisation
It’s all about creating good links from other websites. Our team will analyse your existing links to see where they can be improved.. We then look for opportunities and build the kind of links that will help boost your search engine page results.